Kuwait bans exports of poultry

10-07-2008 | |

Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced a ban on the export of frozen chicken.

The aim of this ban, which is effective as of 1 August, is to ensure that the relevant needs of the local market are met in full, and will remain in force until further notice.
This move is reportedly a part of measures being taken by the ministry to improve people’s living conditions, and to combat the implications of soaring food prices.
Kuwaits’s head of the ministry”s supply department Mohammed AlÙ€Enezi reportedly vowed that the ministry would live up to its responsibility in this respect, and stressed on the significance of meeting the needs of the local market before exporting basic commodities to foreign markets.
It has also been reported that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry met with local poultry and meat suppliers before announcing the ban and warned them against undersupplying the market. The ministry also told merchants to prepare themselves for a ceiling on poultry prices.