Kyrgyzstan provides support to domestic eggs producers

31-05-2012 | |

Kyrgyzstan has seen an unprecedented increase in egg imports in 2011, a trend which will probably continue in the beginning of 2012.

Deputy Minister of Economy and antitrust policy, Oleg Pankratov said that in 2011, according to recent statistics, egg production in Kyrgyzstan increased by 6%, while imports of eggs – by 46%. Thus, with the corrected data imports amounted to 83 million thousand pieces, compared with only 57 million units in 2010.

According to the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee Talent Uzakbaeva every year in spring and summer, poultry and egg producers in Kyrgyzstan suffer huge losses due to seasonal rise of import.

“From China and Russia a large number of eggs and poultry are imported. Therefore, we need to apply some economic leverage to support our business. However, it is impossible simply to ban the import, so we need to find a solution,” said the deputy.

The growth of imports has stimulated the rise in prices, resulting in an oversupply of certain products. Producers insist on imposing duties on imports of eggs in 30%, and most likely it will be introduced already in the near future.

Producers have proposed a compromise to the Government, if the duty of 30% on import is introduced the producers can guarantee that prices will not rise more than 65 soms (US$ 1.37) per ten eggs.

Source: Vladislav Vorotnikov

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent