Lallemand and Jebsen & Jessen – first Thai customer seminar

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Lallemand Animal Nutrition and Jebsen & Jessen NutriLife hosted their first Thai customer’s seminar in Bangkok. In November 2010, Around 50 professionals of the swine, poultry and aquaculture industry, including CEOs, farm managers, technicians, nutritionists, and journalists from all around Thailand gathered in Bangkok for a series of technical seminars on the use and modes of actions of Lallemand’s probiotics and yeast derivatives in swine, poultry and aquaculture.

Jebsen & Jessen NutriLife will distribute Lallemand Animal Nutrition solutions for poultry, swine and aqua feed in South East Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar.
Rodrich Deckert, Managing Director of Jebsen & Jessen NutriLife Thailand commented: “We are very confident, that with a yeast manufacturer like Lallemand, we can obtain a substantial share in the Thai Feed market to develop sustainable business with our customers. The high number of participants as well as the positive feedback from the customer day has even strengthened our firm belief to achieve it.”
Pradip Linge Area Manager Asia for Lallemand Animal Nutrition added: “ We were glad to receive such august gathering at Bangkok. This customer day gave Lallemand an opportunity to share about our technical expertise, product quality and production efficiencies. Detailed presentation on Bactocell, for example, (the only probiotic strain authorized for Aquaculture in EU) will help the end users in Thailand to decide on their strategies for rearing aquaculture in a better, healthy and effective manner”.    
VIV Asia
The next rendezvous for Lallemand Animal Nutrition with the Asian feed market has been set for ViV Asia, in Bangkok, 9-11 March 2011. In addition to a joint booth during the exhibition, Lallemand and Jebsen & Jessen NutriLife are organizing a conference to showcase Lallemand’s solutions for animal nutrition and health.
Lallemand Animal Nutrition solutions are supported by a solid scientific background and continuous field trials by independent research centers or commercial farms around the world. These are natural, microbial-based products, well adapted to answer the demand of the livestock and food chain markets for profitable, safe and sustainable solutions to enhance animal performance and health.
Participants to the seminars could get an in-depth understanding of the benefits, applications and modes of action of:


 – Levucell SB (S. cerevisiae boulardii I-1079) , the most documented probiotic yeast used in sows and piglets to enhance the whole farrowing process, resulting in improved animal performance, welfare and health. Levucell SB also improves performance and welfare in poultry production and in aquaculture (pathogens control).
– Bactocell (Pediococcus acidilactici 18/5M), a specific lactic acid producing bacteria developed for monogastrics. Bactocell improves broilers and layers zootechnical performance as well as eggs quality. Bactocell is also applied in fish and shrimp production, to enhance performance and pathogens control. To date, Bactocell is the only probiotic bacteria that has been authorized for use in aquaculture by the European authorities.
– Alkosel (selenium-enriched yeast), a source of highly bioavailable selenium that contributes to maintain immune and reproductive functions in all animal species.
 – Agrimos, a premium quality yeast cell wall product with consistent, high Mannan Oligosaccharides content.
– Laltide, a well balanced supply of available nucleotide for animal nutrition, designed to provide the natural building blocks for cellular growth and biosynthesis of proteins and enzymes, while ensuring a good feed palatability.

Van Dijk
Zana Van Dijk Editor Dairy Global