Lallemand opens new yeast production facility

05-01-2011 | |

Lallemand Animal Nutrition opened their second yeast coating facility in Passau, Germany, dedicated to the processing of protected live yeast for monogastrics and ruminants. The new facility is fully compliant with animal feed quality and safety standards.

Until now, protected yeast was produced in Lallemand Vienna’s yeast plant only. The new German facility enables to double the company’s production capacity for quality protected yeasts, in order to address a soaring demand from the market.

Lallemand’s Titan® technology offers feed and premix manufacturers the opportunity to broaden the industrial applications of scientifically-documented probiotic yeasts. Titan is a patented technology developed by Lallemand, which combines an optimisation of the yeast fermentation and drying processes with a unique coating technology.
Titan enables the probiotic yeast to survive the harsh conditions of feed processing such as pelleting (heat, pressure, humidity), but also the chemical interactions with other aggressive ingredients and minerals.
Amongst other yeast products, Lallemand is producing Levucell SB yeast in its new facility for use in poultry rations.
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Ad Bal Freelance journalist