Latest issue of World Poultry now online

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Latest issue of World Poultry now online

Exploring the latest market trends, health developments and hatching practices the latest issue of World Poultry is available online now.

There is no question that the production of conventional broiler chickens for mainstream markets all around the world has a bright future. However, a new mainstream is emerging – the market for premium chickens. World Poultry editor Fabian Brockotter reported from the first Hubbard Premium Forum, where the main producers in Europe of these type of chickens exchanged knowledge and shared results on what has become far beyond a niche market.


EU producers focus on prospects of differentiations

IB strains in EMEA

Furthermore the predominant IB strains in EMEA have been charted in an article by Richard Currie. Infectious bronchitis poses an on-going risk to the global poultry industry. In nearly every country, field viruses of various serotypes and genotypes challenge chicken flocks, rendering vaccination a compulsory part of the veterinary health management programme.


Charting predominant IB strains in EMEA

Interview with newly elected IPC secretary general

This issue also includes an interview with newly elected IPC secretary general, the Brazilian Marila Rangel. She explains her objective in the role is to support the upcoming growth of the sector. “The greatest strength of the poultry sector is its potential to be a great source of high quality protein.”


Interview: New IPC secretary general eager to help IPC grow

Counteract heat stress in poultry production

Other highlights include a report from a broiler farm in Finland where the 16th generation of the same family now raise 80,000 birds and an article explaining how to counteract heat stress in poultry production.

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