Latest issue of World Poultry now online

06-05-2015 | |
Latest issue of World Poultry now online

The May edition of World Poultry is now available to view online. This issue covers many different topics from how globalisation is affecting the egg processing industry to reducing antibiotic usage and battling coccidiosis.

In this edition we present an interview with Sara Gibbins from Noble Foods who studied the affect that globalisation has on the egg processing industry. She says “Global trends are important to us all, and we can learn from success stories but also remember that trends have consequences as well as benefits so it’s important to analyse them well.” Read more of the interview on page 6.

EU and US mega deal sparks emotions

The EU and the US are negotiating a free trade and investment agreement. The deal could have serious impact for agriculture. Negotiations will cover important tariffs but mainly about sanitary and phytosanitary standards. Go to page 9 for this 4-page article.



10 urgent questions about the import of cage eggs from Ukraine

Ukrainian cage eggs are flooding into the European market. Authorities in European countries have already indicated that there is very little they can do against it. Much of the frustration from EU poultry famers is that it may become even easier for Ukraine to export to the EU due to the agreement between the EU and Ukraine. How do you feel about this?



Less protein results in more eggs

Wageningen University Livestock Research in the Netherlands studied a higher reproduction in broiler breeders by providing them with less protein. Find out the results of this study on pages 22 -24.



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