Latest World Poultry magazine now online

24-02-2014 | |
Latest World Poultry magazine now online

World Poultry number two of this year focuses strongly on broiler growing.

Tackling future needs in meat consumption is described from a breeding perspective by Anne-Marie Neeteson and co-authors of Aviagen. In addition there is an article on the practical side of how to grow a top performing flock, explained by Scott Black, broiler specialist North America at Cobb-Vantress. From Europe there is the topic of the target of substantially reducing the use of antibiotics, written by Berrie Klein Swormink from The Netherlands.

This number 2 edition of World Poultry, also includes a poultry processing section, which covers the effective use of water in the processing plant, by processing consultant Eduardo Cervantes from Colombia. GTRI from the USA developed new effective cutting technology. Securing carcass quality and food safety is covered by Manpreet Singh and Jacob Smith from the USA .

Also other items of interest such as the newly created strategic partnership between Pas Reform and Natureform for North America, the use of Vitamin E in poultry nutrition, prevention of immunosuppression and the inclusion of phytogenic feed additives in poultry diets.

This – and much more – you can find in the latest issue.

Ad Bal Freelance journalist