Latest World Poultry magazine now online

27-01-2014 | |
Latest World Poultry magazine now online

The latest edition of World Poultry is now available online. This edition focuses on layers and in addition includes an article on understanding the biological functions and the demand of adapted nutrition.

Furthermore a review of the kick off session of a new research scheme called ProHealth is included.

A consortium of 22 academic, industry and private enterprise organisations from 11 European countries joined forces to invest in ways to make the European poultry- and pig sector more competitive.

One of the challenges also covered in this edition of World Poultry is red mite in layers. The red mite can severely affect a layer operation. Despite good measures, tackling the parasite remains a big challenge. World Poultry gives more insight in the problem and possible solutions.

In-depth articles on these and other interesting topics are published in Volume 30, Nr 1 edition of World Poultry.