Launch FIGAP/VIV América Latina 2010

05-02-2009 | |
Launch FIGAP/VIV América Latina 2010

At the IPE in Atlanta a new VIV initiative was announced: FIGAP/VIV América Latina 2010. The exhibition will take place from 21-23 October, 2010, in Guadalajara, Mexico.

This is a joint-venture between FIGAP, the leading animal husbandry trade show organiser in Mexico, and VNU Exhibitions Europe. The new combination offers international and national companies a strong livestock business platform in Latin America’s emerging market.

“The trade show concepts of FIGAP and VIV are synergetic,” says VIV Project Manager Wendy Voermans, “VIV brings in its Feed-to-Meat supply chain concept with a global expertise network.”

Patricia Jazo Altamirano, Director General of FIGAP: “FIGAP is the established event for the agro-industrial and livestock sector in Mexico. We have strong market expertise and support from the industry and local authorities.” The partners feel confident that exhibitors and visitors benefit from their joint expertise.

Business opportunities

Latin America’s animal protein industry has a lot on offer for international suppliers in the Feed-to-Meat chain. Poultry production shows an annual increase of 5%, pig production 4% and dairy 2%. As a result, feed production is growing with an annual 5%. Therefore, local livestock producers are facing many challenges. New technologies and production methods are vital to comply with the increasing consumer demand for safe and healthy food.

“Business opportunities can be found throughout the full supply chain, but specifically in the fields of Genetics, Animal health, Feed ingredients & additives and Slaughtering & Meat processing equipment and technology,” says Voermans.


FIGAP/VIV América Latina is in the heart of one of the most accessible livestock industries in Latin America: Mexico. Mexico is a good place to start or expand business with its vast home market of 106 million consumers. Guadalajara, Mexico’s second-largest city, is capital of the state of Jalisco: one of the leading states for the country’s poultry and pig production. FIGAP/VIV América Latina takes place in the Expo Guadalajara venue. 

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist