Lively atmosphere at ALA Congress in San Salvador

14-11-2013 | |
Lively atmosphere at ALA Congress in San Salvador

Nearly 2,000 business professionals from across Latin America gather together in a lively atmosphere at the 23rd ALA congress, the association of Latin American poultry organisations, on Wednesday 13 November.

The venue for the congress is the CIFCO convention centre in hosting city San Salvador, El Salvador.

The ALA congress is a biennial event. The hosting of which rotates among the member countries on the American continent and the Caribbean. After Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2011, the hosting of 2013 congress fell to San Salvador.

The official inauguration of the congress took place on Tuesday evening. Augustin Martinez, President of Salvadorian Association AVES, in his opening address spoke about the “Evolution”, and how the poultry business is part of the global playing field. And how the growing and changing markets will create new opportunities for the industry. This involves understanding the global demands to the industry in Latin America.

He urged the audience to benefit from the opportunity to collect information and establish and reinforce contacts. After all the objective of the entire poultry industry in Latin America is to further increase productivity and efficiency. Parallel sessions with presentations on technical and general topics are conducted by industry specialists from North and Latin America, but also from Europe.

Adjacent to the congress is a professional tradeshow where all the major suppliers to the industry are on display. “Also this is an excellent venue to be informed about the latest development in the poultry business”, Martinez said. He underlined the theme of the congress, namely “Food, Technology and Sustainability”. Martinez summed up by saying that all aspects of the industry needs to work hand in hand with science and technology to be a sustainable option of food supply to the world.

Also addressing the audience, was Pablo Alcides Ochoa, Minister for Agriculture and Livestock of El Salvador. He spoke about the necessity of producing food for the growing world population and for Latin America in particular. In this respect he also highlighted the economic value of the poultry industry and the employment it creates for local communities.

The ALA congress is running until Friday, November 15. The next edition will be held in Guayaquil, Ecuador in September 2015.

Ad Bal Freelance journalist