Lohmann Animal Health acquires Immuno-Vet Services CC

15-12-2011 | |

With the aim to strengthen its market position on the African continent, especially to expand even more actively into the sub-Saharan regions, Lohmann Animal Health has acquired its former distributor, Immuno-Vet Services CC in Johannesburg, South Africa.

At the end of November, the co-founder and previous principal owner of Immuno-Vet, Harry Mahieu jointly signed the acquisition contract of the South African company, together with Lohmann’s Managing Director Dr. Bruno Kaesler and Messrs. Dean Hewson and Wanda Viljoen.

Immuno-Vet is to keep its individual business profile, which is why Lohmann continues to be represented by the already established local company Lohmann Animal Health SA (Pty) Ltd. Both companies will co-exist as independent economic players in order to ensure that the widest possible portfolio of vaccines and feed additives can be marketed successfully and thus the maximum impact in the market can be achieved by the new subsidiary.

For Thierry Vendrell, Sales Director for the regions of Southern Europe and Africa at Lohmann Animal Health as well as Head of the acquisition project, the advantages of the acquisition are quite obvious and clear: “With the new subsidiary, we provide a central hub for our business activities in southern Africa. Lohmann Animal Health strengthens its presence in Africa and may expand the existing market share, not least by means of using the already established distribution and sales structures. Our customers benefit from faster service times and a broadening of our product portfolio, thanks to the Immuno-Vet Services range of products.”

Source: Lohmann Animal Health