Lottery winner plans to give away chicken

01-04-2008 | |

Nosso Talho butcher Jose Lima was delighted to collect his US$14.5 mln lottery cheque. With his money he plans to help the needy with chicken.

On 3 April, the native of Portuguese man “Joe from the butcher shop” wants to give away 1,000 boxes of chicken legs to the customers – and the needy – of the Bloor St. W. butcher shop where the manager has worked for 23 years. Lima picked that day in honour of the memory of his father, Joao, who died five years ago on April 3.
Not only will he provide food for the needy, but it has also been reported that he will give each of the 50 employees at the Nosso Talho butcher shop a cheque for $5,000.
“This is like a dream come true,” he said, tears welling in his eyes as he stared at the cheque handed to him by Sharon Johnson, from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation office.
He said he plans to keep working. “Even though I won all this money I still want to be Joe from the butcher shop.”

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