Luctarom® Convert to increase fat digestibility in poultry

23-05-2008 | |
Luctarom® Convert to increase fat digestibility in poultry

Lucta S.A. reports that Luctarom® Convert increases fat digestibility in poultry diets. This is demonstrated by results showing increased activity of digestive enzymes in broilers fed this phytogenic product.

In digestibility trials conducted at IRTA (Spain), the feeding of Luctarom® Convert at 500 ppm improved soya bean oil digestibility by 3% and lard digestibility by 7% in 21-day old broilers. It was discovered that the product made lard as digestible as soya bean oil in young birds, thereby providing a novel alternative for poultry feed formulation.
Luctarom® Convert is a spice blend with performance enhancing properties. Results from numerous field trials show that it improved growth and FCR on average by 2%, says that company. It is also reported that Lucta S.A. can provide evidence that supports the main mode of action ascribed to this novel ingredient for poultry production.
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