Maintaining intestinal integrity of birds

13-05-2010 | |

Several meetings to be held in June in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines will focus on the practical aspects of pathogenic bacteria, and to discuss solutions that can be implemented on affected poultry farms.

How to address the challenges caused by pathogenic bacteria in poultry production? What are their consequences at the farm level and for the consumer? How to identify, analyse, and deal with those Enterobacteria? These matters will be discussed.

The meetings are scheduled to take place on 14 June at Saraburi Inn in Saraburi province of Thailand, on 18 June at Crown Plaza Hotel in Ortigas, the Philippines, and on 22 June at Novotel Hotel – Mangga Dua – Jakarta, Indonesia.

Nigel Horrox will focus his presentation on salmonella and other enteric pathogens. He will consider testing and sampling, legislation, salmonella surveys and the importance of mill, transportation and farm biosecurity. He will also look at the idiosyncrasies of test results and put salmonella status into a realistic commercial context.

Mathieu Cortyl will discuss the different strategies that can be employed at the farm and feed mill level to control salmonella and other enteric pathogens. He will focus his talk on the solutions (technologies and additives) available to ensure feed and water are not carriers of pathogens, as well as strategies to prevent the spreading of those pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract of the birds.

Selected local speakers will also be at the meetings to discuss the situation in their respective countries. They are Dr Jiroj Sasipreeyajan from Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), Dr Mildred Patilla from University of the Philippines Los Baños (Philippines), and Prof. Drh. Charles Rangga Tabbu, from Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta (Indonesia).

The meetings will be coordinated by Mathieu Cortyl from Norel Animal Nutrition. For further details, please contact him by e-mail:

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist