Marriage season causes high poultry prices

24-04-2007 | |
Marriage season causes high poultry prices

In the wake of the ongoing marriage season in Karachi, Pakistan, demand for poultry products has surged considerably, causing prices to soar.

Prices have increased in both wholesale and retails markets of Karachi, ranging from Rs 10-15 (€0.12-1.18) per kg due to an increase in demand and consumption.
The price of retail meat is usually Rs 130-135 (€1.58-1.65) per kg, however, has peaked to Rs 150 per kg. At a wholesale level, meat is being sold at at Rs 142 to Rs 145 (€1.77) per kg as compared to previous price of Rs 130 (€1.58) per kg. The retail price of live broilers has climbed to Rs 88 (€1.1) per kg from previous price of Rs 80 (€0.98) per kg.
Pakistan Poultry Association attributed the steep rise in price of the commodity due to upsurge in its demand during the last fortnight.
However, high prices have resulted in less domestic consumption of the poultry meat as it had negative impact on the buying capacity of a common consumer.
Current prices should remain for the next one and half months and should begin to decrease as the hatching and production process normalises – the current spell of heat has had a negative impact on the process.
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