McDonald’s plans European expansion

28-01-2009 | |

McDonald’s Corp. (MCD) will add 12,000 jobs and open 240 restaurants all across Europe during 2009.

Reports state that the expansion to take place will be the fast-food chain’s biggest in 5 years. It will reportedly take on 50 employees at each of the 240 new restaurants, which are mainly in Spain, France, Italy, Russia, and Poland.

According to Denis Hennequin, who is president of McDonald’s Europe, there were “no signs of weakening” in the firm’s European business, however he said that consumers, particularly in Germany and Spain, were looking more towards the cheapest menu items.

This year McDonald’s is also planning to have around 400 new McCafes added to the 800 it already has in Europe.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist