ME: Extra vet lab capacity needed

04-11-2009 | |

Capacity building of veterinary laboratories should be given top priority. This was said in Doha at the 10th conference of the OIE (Organisation of Animal Health) Regional Commission for the Middle East.

Laboratory diagnostic capacity is a critical factor in the running of veterinary services. Amplification would help in early detection and quick response to terrestrial and aquatic animal diseases, and preventing the spread of such diseases, as well as to reducing public health risks, the participants said.

They also proposed a mechanism to develop co-ordinated and harmonised actions for the control of brucellosis – a disease prevalent in the region.

“Considering that zoonotic animal diseases, including brucellosis, remain a serious obstacle to public health, social and economic progress, food security and safety in the region and especially those countries where appropriate prevention and control measures are taken on time, there should be co-ordinated and harmonised actions against the disease,” they said.

Source: Gulf times

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist