Meat and bonemeal seems benificial in broiler nutrition

25-02-2011 | |
Meat and bonemeal seems benificial in broiler nutrition

Adding meat and bonemeal (MBM) to broiler rations leads to drier litter. As a result, less bacteria are present, according to the Livestock Research Centre of Wageningen University in The Netherlands (WUR).

If less bacteria are present in poultry litter, obviously also less antibiotics will be needed. This still has to be confirmed by further scientific research, however. Moreover, the European Commision first has to approve the use of MBM again. This will be in 2014 at the earliest. Inclusion of MBM was banned from animal nutrition in the EU since 2002 . 

If no anitibiotics are used, broiler growth may be retarded a liitle and FCR may slightly rise, says Schothorst Feed Research institute. Since no expenses antibiotics will be made however, profitabilty will probably be higher.


Ad Bal Freelance journalist