Medion conducts family business training for poultry producers

14-01-2011 | |

Last December, Medion, one of the largest Indonesian based animal pharmaceutical and vaccine companies that has marketed their products to more than 15 countries in Asia Pacific region, conducted a special poultry related training.

Almost every month in their training center in Bandung, West Java, Medion conducts technical training related to poultry diseases. To end the year of 2010, Medion conducted a special training for poultry shop owners and broiler and layer farm owners who operate as family businesses.

President Director Medion, Jonas Jahja shared his experience in how to run family business. He said that he has 6 principles in growing Medion from nothing to be something. “Getting close both with family members and employees, treating customers like family members, giving examples to employees, profit reinvestment, improving the quality of products and honesty,” Jahja said.

In front of 90 participants, Yirhan Sim – the second generation of Medion told that family business is unique. The uniqueness is how to combine the family with socialism characteristics and the business with capitalism characteristics. “There are always conflicts between family harmony and business performance. Issues on family business are general and could be predicted, but perspective on the same issues would be different,” he said. 

“To overcome the conflicts, we have to concern on communication and commitment. Besides that, we have to have a good planning such as family planning, business strategy planning and estate and personal financial planning,” Sim concluded. 

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