Mexican poultry producers to improve industry conditions

13-11-2013 | |
Mexican poultry producers to improve industry conditions

The purpose of the improvements is to guarantee biosafety and provide added value to the products. Thus, the Mexican consumer will receive safe and healthy food.

The poultry sector is to invest more than three billion Mexican pesos (US$230 million) in 2014 on modernisation projects, strengthening the infrastructure and industrialisation, improving biosafety levels and add value to production, according to the president of the Mexican National Poultry Union (UNA), Jorge Cadena Romero.

Romero explains that these resources will provide modern infrastructure to the Mexican poultry industry, and thus comply with the commitment to safe and healthy food being delivered to the Mexican consumer’s table, and even export.

All in all the Mexican poultry industry generates over 1,200,000 jobs, most of which are in rural communities. It also contributes 0.7% to the national gross domestic product. Of every 10 kilos of animal protein consumed by Mexicans, six are egg and chicken.

The objective is also to motivate competitiveness in the Mexican poultry sector through an integrated approach of value networks. Trust Fund for Agriculture (FIRA) and the National Poultry Union have signed a cooperation agreement, which is designed to strengthen the bio-sanitary infrastructure investment.

Last year, there were partnerships established between the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food – Mexico (SAGARPA), through National Health Service, Food Safety and Food Quality (SENASICA) and National Poultry Union (UNA) to face the challenges before the outbreak of avian influenza.

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