Micro-Plus celebrates 25 years

04-03-2009 | |

On 2 April, Micro-Plus GmbH Konzentrate of Germany will celebrate 25 years of company history.

Micro-Plus was established in 1984 as a trade representative in the field of animal nutrition, but quickly developed into a production company with its own research department. Today, with a leading position in Europe, the business manufactures innovative plant-based digestibility enhancers based mainly on essential oils and is present worldwide.

The products developed by MICRO-PLUS represent a new category of naturally derived growth promoters that are high in demand globally. It is, however, not only their flavouring properties but also a number of effective functional attributes that make these products an important development in animal nutrition. With targeted and species-specific products designed to optimise the digestive processes the animals are healthier and therefore grow better and convert feed into meat, milk or eggs much more efficiently. This results in significant economic benefits for the producer.

In 2007, Micro-Plus invested over €1 million in a new production facility at their Stadtoldendorf factory. In order to satisfy global demand, however, further capacity expansion is planned.

The anniversary on 2 April will be celebrated with a Micro-Plus sponsored scientific meeting of scientists and experts. The seminar will include a concise overview of the state of research in the field of plant-based feed additives. This event will take place at Castle Warberg (near Brunswick) and entitled “Feed through technology”.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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