Middle East take on 44% of Paraná chicken exports

17-12-2007 | |

In 2006, the poultry sector in Paraná exported 41.4% of its total exports to the Middle Eastern and North African markets. This year, revenues saw an even greater rise.

Curitiba, the southern Brazilian state of Paraná is the main producer of chicken meat in Brazil. Last year the state was responsible for 19.6% of the national production.

During which period, the Arab countries were the main consumers of the poultry production from Paraná, with the Arab countries importing 322,500 tonnes. Between January to October 2007, revenues reached US$ 351.7 million.

According to the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, of the 731,700 tonnes of chicken exported by the state last year, 44.1% of the total was to the Middle East and North Africa.
Paraná ranking high
According to the survey by the Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Paraná ranked second in poultry meat exports in the country, accountable for 27.69% of all Brazilian foreign sales in the sector. The state, however, is a close second to the leader, which is the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, responsible for 27.94% of total exports.
In 2006, the poultry sector in Paraná exported US$ 823 million, of which US$ 340.5 million (41.4% of the total) went to the Middle Eastern and North African markets, according to data supplied by the ministry. The second largest destination for Paraná chicken production was Japan, followed by Hong Kong.
Revenues rise in 2007
Shipments to the Arab countries have maintained a positive performance throughout 2007. In the first ten months of this year, the poultry sector in Paraná exported 281,100 tonnes to the nations in the League of Arab States. This translates into a 9.1% increase over the same period of 2006, when the sales volume was 257,600 tonnes. Revenues saw an even greater rise: from US$ 266.1 million to US$ 351.7 million (a 32.2% expansion).
Contributing factors
Cooperatives, technical assistance, distribution logistics, support to family properties, qualification and training of producers were the factors that contributed to the positive performance of the sector in Paraná, explains Roberto Andrade, a technician with the Paraná State Secretariat of Agriculture and Supply.
According to Andrade, production of grains such as maize and soy in the state is also beneficial to the poultry sector.
“Whenever there is food nearby, the costs are reduced. Feeding is the greatest cost in poultry production,” he says.
Brazil is the world’s third largest producer of chicken meat, in line behind the United States and China.