Millions invested in Groupe Grimaud

05-07-2010 | |

The FSI announces €40 mln investment in Groupe Grimaud to support the group’s development projects.

Part of the financing provided by the FSI will enable Groupe Grimaud to subscribe to the capital increase of its subsidiary Vivalis, at the level of its shareholding.

Over the past 5 years, Groupe Grimaud, a long standing player on the French market, has become a world leader in multi-species animal genetic selection. The group has also developed new activities in biopharmacy notably via its subsidiary Vivalis, a highly innovative technology platform with the ambition to become a market standard in the field of vaccine and pharmaceutical protein production, reports state.

This 2-tier development is the result of dynamic internal growth combined with sustained investment in R&D, and build-up acquisitions. In the long term, the FSI’s investment should:
– Provide continual support for a key actor with strong development potential in the multi-species animal genetic selection and innovation segment of the biopharmacy sector.
– Back the group in international expansion, notably in South America and Asia, in order to enhance its competitive positioning on the various market segments.
– Enable Groupe Grimaud to secure future opportunities for external growth in order to strengthen its position as leader in the relevant sectors.

Further to the transaction, the Grimaud family shall retain the majority of the capital and the FSI shall become a long-term, key shareholder of Groupe Grimaud (alongside the other financial shareholders). The FSI will continue to help finance any external growth operations undertaken by Groupe Grimaud in the coming years.

Bertrand Finet, Director at the FSI: “We are very happy to be supporting Groupe Grimaud in its development projects. The Group holds a key position both in animal genetic selection and biopharmacy activities, 2 very strong barriers to entry. The Group has significant development potential on lead markets. As group shareholder, the FSI intends to support the value-creating external growth policy implemented by Groupe Grimaud’s management.”