Minister aims to develop Pakistan poultry industry

13-06-2007 | |

Pakistan’s minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock says that the government will provide necessary help and input for the development of the poultry industry so that the general masses in the country will get chicken meat, eggs and other poultry products at an affordable rate.

Chairing the 28th meeting of Federal Poultry Board, the minister Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan said that poultry associations and poultry businessmen should keep their profits low so that the underprivileged people are also able to gain benefits from the government’s inputs.
For further development of the poultry industry in Pakistan, the Board has recommended that custom duty of evaporative air cooling system pads for use in poultry form should be reduced.
It was also decided that custom duty on import of various medicines, poultry feed raw material and silos used by poultry feed industry should also be reduced.