Moba introduces Mopack 150 farmpacker

08-05-2012 | |
Moba introduces Mopack 150 farmpacker

The Mopack farmpacker of Moba has been on the market for several years. The newest addition is the Mopack 150 model with a capacity of 54,000 eggs per hour.

Moba recognised a long time ago that a system that waits for six eggs and only then makes a start-stop movement, lacks gentle egg handling and are limited in net efficiency. The result was a series of Mopacks with a continuous carrousel movement offering “the gentle touch” and extreme high net efficiencies.

A technological breakthrough now enables the creation of a packer that does process six eggs in parallel but combines this with a continuous moving system: the Mopack 150 with a capacity of 54,000 eggs or 150 cases per hour.

The speed of the system is automatically adapting to the amount of eggs that are available on the intelligent accumulator. In other words: the system measures the influx of eggs and ensures in this way a non-stop, very gentle egg handling with no need to wait for the 6th egg each cycle. This results in a high net efficiency on a farmpacker with a six-eggs parallel packer process.

After extensive prototype fieldtests, Moba is now preparing the production phase of the machine which will start later this year. The Mopack 150 will be shown on the Pig and Poultry Show at Stoneleigh, UK as well as on the IPPS Nagoya, Japan.

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