Munters launches energy efficient fan series

05-07-2013 | |
Munters launches energy efficient fan series

The European Parliament ErP directive (Energy related Products Directive) was adopted in order to protect the environment and assist the Kyoto Protocol obligation to increase the total share of renewable energy in the European Union to 20% by 2020 and by increasing energy efficiency by 20%.

The ErP Directive is being implemented in two steps: in January 2013 the first step became effective, and it will be followed by the second step in 2015. The minimum efficiency requirement is the prerequisite for a CE mark and is thus mandatory for utilisation in EU member states. This of course applies also for fans which are manufactured in China or other countries and are sold into the European Union.

The past few years has shown a trend of livestock structures and greenhouses becoming larger to accommodate more animals and increased crops. Larger housing modules require more powerful fans and driven by a big push for high energy efficiency, Munters had to find ways of making our fan product line even more energy efficient than its first generation. The result can be seen in the launch of Munters ECO design fan series, which complies with the energy efficiency directive for year 2013, but the series also exceeds the requirements which will come into force in 2015.