“Mycotoxins 2011”

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“Mycotoxins 2011”

“Mycotoxins 2011” was the title of a one-day scientific meeting which was held on March 8, 2011 in Thailand. A wide range of mycotoxin-related issues were discussed by a group of speakers from different countries (1). The meeting was scheduled one day before the start of VIV Asia 2011.


In this blog, I do not want to talk about mycotoxins as there have already been so many publications (in peer-reviewed journals and trade magazines) discussing mycotoxins from different standpoints. However, I would like to raise a few points and I hope that you will share your experiences here:

• How significant are mycotoxin-associated problems in the poultry industry in your country?

• How often do you test your farm rations for mycotoxins?  If not often, what are the limiting factors for not doing that?

• Do you include commercially available mycotoxin binders in your poultry farm feed?   If so, how effective do you think they are?


1- http://www.positiveaction.info/conference/confprog.php?day=1&conf=15&noday=15&prog=15

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