New Canadian chicken ambassador

22-05-2007 | |

Christine Cushing, one of Canada’s most well-known and beloved culinary stars, with TV shows and cookbooks, has been donned as chicken ambassador.

Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO), Bill Woods: “We believe Christine will bring a great deal of credence to our message that Ontario chicken – Canadian chicken – is a safe, nutritious product.”
Cushing is excited about this new venture: “I really want to highlight not only the safety but the nutritional value of chicken … it’s an excellent food source known for its ease and versatility.”
The new ambassador says she thoroughly researched the poultry industry before taking on her ambassadorship.
“I’ve always been a big fan of chicken, but before I took on this role, I researched everything about the industry before committing myself.
Cushing says the chicken industry is, “one of the most stringently controlled industries in Canada. From how the birds are raised, to what they’re fed, from farm to table, every step is diligently scrutinised.”

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