New Cobb sales structure in Brazil

28-06-2006 | |

As the new $4.5 million parent stock hatchery in Mato Grosso do Sul begins production, Cobb-Vantress Brazil has announced changes to the future distribution of the breed.

With the growth of Globoaves as a broiler integrator and chicken exporter as well as hatching egg producer, the company will no longer be the sales arm for the Cobb 500 from 1 January 2007 but will obtain their Cobb parent stock through a new partnership with Agrogen Desenvolvimento Genetico.

Agrogen, Cobb’s largest grandparent customer in the world, will provide Globoaves with their parent stock needs and Globoaves will maintain the Cobb breed within their organisation.

Globoaves’ growth in the Brazilian industry has seen them develop from an independent chick producer to the largest hatching egg producer in Latin America, and subsequently expand into chicken production and exporter of chicken meat.