New contracts for ISA distribution

01-06-2006 | |

Institut de Sélection Animale Sas, part of Hendrix Genetics layer breeding division, has signed agreements with Azienda Agricola f.lli morini, part of the Morini group (Italy) and Zouras Farm (Greece) for the delivery of ISA parent stock for the Italian and Greek markets.

Thijs Hendrix and Comm. Natale Morini signed an contract for the delivery of ISA Parent Stock for the Italian market. Morini has been a distributor of ISA since 1994. After the acquisition of Tosco Emiliano, Morini became the sole distributor of ISA products and is one of the leading producers of day old chicks in Italy.

Azienda Agricola F.lli Morini S.S. is part of the Morini Group and started to dedicate itself to the poultry business during the second half of the 1950’s. During the 1970s, the Morini Group expanded by renovating existing and building new production centres and hatcheries. Morini supplies up to 200,000 chicks in only one hatch and most important of all, each one comes from the same breeding centre.

Thijs Hendrix also signed a contract with Jiannis Zouras for the delivery of Isa Brown and Dekalb White parent stock for the Greek market.

Zouras Farm is achieving 75% of the market in the one-day-old chicks and pullets of 15 weeks. In 1994, the company invested in the latest technology in the breeding cycle consisting of: Parent stock farms with HACCP specifications, modern hatchery fully automated and computerised, and rearing houses of 15 weeks pullets breeding. Zouras Farm  produces also 180 million table eggs per year, supplied to the market as ‘Golden Eggs’. The company is also trading mechanical equipment for poultry houses, cereals, animal feeds, egg trays and producing fertilizer for the exploitation of manure of hens.

Hendrix Genetics acquired Institut de Sélection Animale (ISA) and Hendrix Poultry Breeders (HPB) in December 2005. Hendrix Genetics is majority-owned and controlled by the Hendrix family and based in Boxmeer, the Netherlands. In line with its early 2005 formulated strategy it will focus on growth and consolidation opportunities in animal breeding. Its Layer Breeding Division produces and sells grandparent and parent breeders to the world wide layer industry.