New DSM better feed for better food website

21-04-2010 | |

DSM Nutritional Products’ new websites present how to satisfy all the stakeholders of the poultry industry (from farm to fork).

There is and will continue to be a need to feed a growing human population with good quality, safe and traceable food. Moreover, consumers, retailers and fast food chains are demanding the highest standards in terms of animal welfare, sustainability and quality.

Under these conditions the poultry industry is put under growing pressure to improve the performance and welfare of birds, but also ensure that the production of eggs and meat is a sustainable activity that is profitable throughout the value chain. In order to satisfy these market demands many different strategies are employed. However, improving the feed of animals seems to be a key element to satisfy all involved.

Optimum vitamin concept

DSM Nutritional Products has spent many years of scientific research, led by animal nutritionists and veterinarians, developing the Optimum Vitamin Nutrition Concept (OVN®) for farmed animals. Based on this concept, DSM Nutritional Products developed a range of high quality Rovimix OVN premixes especially designed for poultry feed.

As poultry producers will see on the new website,, Rovimix OVN blends ensure optimal animal health and performance while providing stakeholders in the food chain the peace of mind on safety and traceability that only comes when working with reliable suppliers.

It also enables producers to stand out in the market and differentiate their end products thanks to an innovative value-added food concept that meets real consumer concerns such as animal welfare and more nutritious food.

In addition DSM Nutritional Products is launching Through this website, practical information about the benefits of OVN meat and eggs is provided and also an overview of OVN food that is available in the market.

This information can be used by the poultry industry to communicate to consumers.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist