New Frontiers adopts cage-free egg policy

29-08-2007 | |

New Frontiers Natural Marketplace, natural food independent grocer, have announced that they will no longer sell eggs from caged hens.

“We feel great about having moved to exclusively cage-free eggs for our shelves, delis, and bakeries,” said marketing director of the company, Ron Colone.
The Humane Society of the US (HSUS) have praised the grocer for its new policy, and says that the chain is “helping to encourage the egg industry to end its confinement of laying hens in battery cages.”
According to HSUS spokeswoman Erin Williams, the retailer adopted the policy within the past couple of months. “We don’t have any other retailers that we’re planning to announce in the immediate future, although we recently announced a campaign targeting Wendy’s,” said Erin.
So far such retailers as Whole Foods Market, Wild Oats Natural Marketplace Andronico’s, New Leaf Community Markets, and Jimbo’s Naturally, have also discontinued the sale of cage eggs.
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