New Hope and ISA Indonesia discuss layer management

30-12-2011 | |
New Hope and ISA Indonesia discuss layer management

Recently PT New Hope Indonesia, a Chinese based feed producer, in cooperation with ISA Indonesia conducted layer management seminar in Purwokerto, Central Java.

Chief marketing officer of PT New Hope Indonesia Rachmat Djojo said that this seminar aimed to enhance the technical knowledge and recent developments of layer for commercial layer farmers in Central Java area.

In this seminar, sales manager of ISA Indonesia & the Philippines Willie Blokvoort discussed about the genetic development of layers. He said that the actual genetic potential of layers increased to 3.5 eggs per year. While the period of egg production increased from 80 weeks to 90 weeks. “These genetic potential will continue to increase from year to year,” Blokvoort said.

About the business development of New Hope group, president director of PT New Hope Indonesia informed that New Hope has feed mills in all provinces in China, five (feed mills) in Vietnam, three in the Philippines, three in Bangladesh, one in Cambodia, one in Sri Lanka and two in South Africa. “In Indonesia, we have two feed mills,” he said.