New insights in acid premixture for poultry

02-10-2009 | |

To investigate nutritional strategies in chickens to reduce Salmonella, the effect of a formic acid and sodium formate premixture (FormiĀ® NDF) on the control of bacterial contamination in the digestive tract of broilers was investigated.

Almost a third (31%) of all laying farms in Europe have been tested positive on Salmonella, ranging from only 1% in Scandinavia to almost 65% in Eastern Europe. Furthermore, eggs are found to be the major case (ca. 60%) of human salmonellosis (BfR 2006).

In the group that received the product, no positive samples were found for Salmonella in the crop or intestine in all treated groups. Campylobacter counts were also significantly reduced in the crop and intestine with both treatment dosages. Lower Enterobacter numbers in the crop and intestine for the 0.6% treatment as well as higher numbers of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria with the same dosage were found. Moreover, the 0.3% dosage of the acidified premixture tended to increase the Lactobacilli count in the small intestine.

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Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist