New line of Central Exhaust Fans for livestock buildings and air washers

11-10-2010 | |

The demand for central extraction fans in pig and poultry houses increases rapidly. On one hand there is an increasing demand for energy-saving ventilation systems and on the other hand the possibility exists to connect an air washer or manure drying system to the central exhaust system.

Due to a variety of alternatives of central exhaust systems Vostermans Ventilation offers a diversified product line for these applications. The fans work optimal within the desired frequency control range, are characterized by low power consumption or can be utilized in applications, where a low noise level is important. Depending on the application a relatively high pressure (100-200 Pa) or lower pressure range (50-100 Pa) can be selected.
  • Suitable for central exhaust systems and/or air washers
  • High durability: 3 years warranty for Multifan motors
  • Suitable in aggressive climates
  • High energy-saving potential
  • Low noise level