New look for the latest issue of World Poultry

03-06-2015 | |
New look for the latest issue of World Poultry

The latest edition of World Poultry is now online and as an extra treat we have enclosed a Special edition on Pathogens & Prevention. This issue has also had a makeover, I invite you to experience the newly designed edition of World Poultry.

With plenty of valuable information about the poultry industry and on top of that all in a new format. The editorial and design staff of World Poultry have worked extremely hard to change our brands appearance, giving it a more fresh and modern look. The presentation of the magazine is clearer than it was in the past with more space and emphasis on good quality images and figures.



We will continue to deliver high quality articles and insights into what is happening within the global poultry industry. If it is the current threat concerning avian influenza, trends in feed or the latest insights from leading conferences, it is all there.



The special added edition Pathogens & Prevention covers everything you need to know about this subject. Articles include:

  • Replacing formaldehyde in the hatchery
  • Disinfection during lay keeps birds healthy
  • The in and outs of necrotic enteritis

And much more…



We are interested in hearing from you what you think of our new design. Please feel free to comment below or get in touch with us.

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Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World