New sprinkler system to cool poultry

30-01-2009 | |

Weeden Environments unveils the next generation of their Sprinkler System now automatically cooling based on temperature and age of the birds.

Responding to requests from poultry farmers, Weeden Environments has launched the latest in their Weeden Sprinkler System. It is the only advanced sprinkler system on the market, used for cooling, activity promotion and dust control.

The WSS-6 Sprinkler Controller utilises the latest microprocessor technology specifically designed for poultry applications.

As birds age, aggressive cooling is required in times of extreme heat, says the company. When used in cooling and activity mode, the new Weeden Sprinkler controller acts as the “brains” managing the duration and frequency of sprinkling, starting at the age desired by the grower or integrator.

With the incorporation of heat sensors, the need for re-programming for temperature changes is eliminated.

The company states that the Weeden Sprinkler System is the only sprinkler system to offer: automatic turn on/off depending on the age of the bird, and transition from activity promotion or dust control to cooling mode based on barn temperature.

“The latest version of our Weeden Sprinkler System sets us apart when addressing heat stress,” said Kevin Weeden, President of Weeden Environments. “Its unique concept of promoting activity during the onset of heat stress and then cooling down during extreme heat stress makes it a critical tool for all growers used alone or in tandem with other cooling systems.”

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