New website focuses on necrotic enteritis in poultry

04-07-2007 | |

A new website for poultry producers, focusing on strategies for managing necrotic enteritis in poultry, is now available from Schering-Plough Animal Health Corporation.

The website was developed to support Schering-Plough Animal Health’s Clostridium perfringens Type A toxoid, the poultry industry’s first and only vaccine for controlling mortality due to necrotic enteritis, a highly prevalent and costly intestinal disease in broilers.
Besides providing technical information about the vaccine, the website features an extensive menu of resources to help producers address the challenges of managing necrotic enteritis in antibiotic-free production. Information on the site includes:
  • – News articles
  • – Scientific papers
  • – FAQs, presentations
  • – Podcasts


Additionally, there is an online calculator that allows producers to determine the probable payback from vaccination for their own business.
There’s also a library of articles from a wide range of consumer publications reporting on antibiotic-free trends and special sections on related topics, such as coccidiosis, gangrenous dermatitis, intestinal health and antibiotic resistance.
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