Newcastle disease in Japan

07-03-2007 | |

A flock of 8,700 birds in Toyama in Japan has been infected by Newcastle Disease virus. All birds have been destroyed.

Hirofumi Kugita, director of the Animal Health division of the department of Food Safety and Consumer Affairs in Tokyo reported the outbreak yesterday to the Global Disease Office (IOE) in Paris.

The outbreak started on 26 February and was confirmed two days later at a farm in Tonami City, Toyama district on the west coast of the mainland (Honshu) of Japan.

A flock of 8,700 birds showed increased mortality as 120 birds died suddenly. After the conformation that it was Newcastle disease the remaining birds have been destroyed.

The source of the infection could not be established. In the area the compulsory control measures have been applied. May 2006 was the last time the disease was found in the area.

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