NL: Campaign for more poultry nutritionist

04-02-2009 | |

The pool of poultry and pig nutrition experts is running low. The Dutch animal feed sector is planning a campaign to increase interest among future students.

It has been reported that particularly animal nutrition for livestock animals does not seem to be very popular these days.

A special foundation, led by Piet van der Aar, research director of Schothorst Feed Research, has been established to do this. Branch organisation Nevedi will do the administration.

The campaign will include a series of structural advisory activities such as brochures and guest editorials from former animal nutrition students. The campaign will also help students search for scholarships and internships at animal feed companies.

Fewer students are interested to pursue a career in animal nutrition. And if they choose it, many go for small pet animal and horse nutrition. The people behind this campaign think that the Netherlands will loose its important international role as animal nutrition expert country if fewer students start a career in animal feed.

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Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist