NL: Prinzen achieves 40,000 eggs/hour

27-10-2009 | |
NL: Prinzen achieves 40,000 eggs/hour

Prinzen from the Netherlands has presented a complete new system that takes table eggs off the conveyor, packs them into 30 cell trays, and places them onto a pallet…all at a speed of 11.11 eggs per second, or 40,000 eggs per hour.

This new system is called the TimeLine and consists of the Prinzen Speedpack 110, the Prinzen PS-4 tray stacker, the Prinzen Pallet Loader, as well as the necessary conveyors.

The entire system is an integrated merge of all the components and can be managed from one central touch-screen display at the sorting position at the infeed of the packer.

The TimeLine high speed handling machine is a new addition to the Prinzen table egg programme.

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Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist