Norwegian fresh chicken up 45%

27-04-2007 | |
Norwegian fresh chicken up 45%

So far in 2007, the sale of fresh chicken in Norway has increased 45.6%, pork is up 7% and beef up 6%. Producers are forced to import to meet the demand.

“There is a clear trend that consumers are growing increasingly interested in fresh food, as are the chains. This, in turn, is a reflection of prosperity,” said Sverre Sandsmark, Nortura sales director.
According to Sandsmark, the Norwegians are eating more hot lunches that feature meat instead of the traditional matpakke (home-packed lunches of open sandwiches). Additionally, more and more people have snacks containing meat.
Norway’s Information Office for egg and white meat (chicken and turkey) were highly pleased with the figures.
“We have been working hard for many years to have white meat become a staple on the Norwegian dinner table,” said general manager Ã…se Kringlebotten.
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