Novus celebrates 20 year anniversary during VIV Asia

22-02-2011 | |

Novus International, Inc. is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the theme ‘Innovation with Integrity’ through 2011, including VIV Asia, in Bangkok Thailand March 9-11.

Novus’s South East Asia Pacific sales director, Ted Bowman, who has been with Novus since its inception as a company in 1991 proudly explained that “‘Innovation with Integrity’ has been a central attribute of Novus’s culture from the beginning. Our heritage has been built on developing innovative, science-based health and nutrition products for livestock, and more recently for horses, pets and people.”

“‘Innovation with Integrity’ refers to our commitment to our clients, the industry and the environment. We seek to leverage technology and innovation to expand the capability of best practice agriculture to meet the world’s growing demand for food.” Bowman added.
Bowman explained “Novus is centered on working together with our customers and industry stakeholders to be part of the solution to develop sustainable and profitable solutions to the major issues our industries face.
The company’s exhibit (Hall 3 Booth B001) at VIV Asia will focus on customer challenges and programs to help manage these issues.
The key programs:
•Reducing Feed Costs
•Improving Egg Quality
•Minimising Processing Defects
•Increasing Sow Longevity
•Improving Scale and Skin Quality (aquaculture).
•Technical expertise and many of the products needed to support profitable production.
A good example of how we work with our customers in meaningful ways is our ‘Feed Cost Reduction’ program.”
 “This program helps our customers manage the single most important and costly input,” said Novus’s South East Asia Pacific nutritionist, Kitima Jindamongkon. With increasing cost of raw materials, she sees a growing role for Novus’s heat stable, protease enzyme CIBENZA DP100 to reduce diet costs. She continues, “Extensive trial and commercial experience in Asia and other world areas has demonstrated that CIBENZA DP100 allows significant cost savings by improving the protein digestion (amino acid availability), without compromising animal performance. Using CIBENZA DP100 also allows producers to use a wider variety of cost-effective proteins, while maintaining the performance levels associated with more expensive feed ingredients.”
As Novus continues its 20th Anniversary celebrations during VIV Asia, it will host a number of events including an educational seminar, ‘Aquaculture to Feed the World By 2050’ on Wednesday March 9th (Room MR 224 2nd floor) commencing 10:30 am. 
Source: Novus