Novus conducts poultry nutrition seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia

06-03-2012 | |
Novus conducts poultry nutrition seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia

“Feed conversion is not everything,” Prof Steve Leeson of the Department of Animal and Poultry Science of the University of Guelph, Canada , in response to a question asked at a recent seminar held in Jakarta under the auspices of Novus International in cooperation with ASA International Marketing and United Soybean Board.

Leeson continued by saying that feed conversion is no longer the best parameter for measuring efficiency of commercial broiler in developed countries. Commercial broiler production in developed countries such as Canada is fully integrated, so that feed cost analysis and energy intake per kg of body weight are the important parameters, he said.
In front of 50 participants, Leeson also reminded them about the importance of minerals, lighting programs and pre-starter diets in commercial broiler production.
In a second presentation, Leeson talked about nutrition for commercial layers. He said that all nutrients are important, but energy is usually the limiting factor. “It’s because energy intake controls egg production,” he revealed. He also advised the participants to take advantage of light to manipulate feed intake.
Other speakers of this seminar were Dr Salim Bootwalla, technical director of ASA-IM, who explained the differences in nutrient values between soybean meals of different origins, and Xabier Arbe Ugalde, regional technical manager of Novus International, who spoke on Novus research on trace mineral nutrition for poultry.