Novus expands technical support in Asia Pacific

28-02-2011 | |

Novus International has welcomed the appointment of two well known feed industry identities to expand their technical support in Asia Pacific.

Kitima Jindamongkon commenced in January as nutritionist for south east Asia Pacific, based in Bangkok Thailand. She received her Bachelor of Science from Thammasat University following with a Masters majoring in poultry nutrition from Kasetsart University.
Her tertiary qualifications are supported by nine years of relevant industry experience, with six years as nutritionist for Sun Feed, a major Thai poultry integrator, where she formulated feed including broilers, breeders, layers, ducks and swine.
In addition to her extensive feed formulation skills, Kitima also has experience in the effect of processing temperature on animal performance, farm management (ventilation, water, biosecurity and light management) and meat quality.

Novus offers extensive technical expertise and many of the products needed to support profitable and sustainable production. A good example of how we work with our customers in meaningful ways is our ‘Feed Cost Reduction’ program. “This program helps our customers manage the single most important and costly input,” said Novus’s South East Asia Pacific nutritionist, Kitima Jindamongkon.  
With increasing cost of raw materials, she sees a growing role for Novus’s heat stable, protease enzyme CIBENZA DP100 to reduce diet costs. She continues, “Extensive trial and commercial experience in Asia and other world areas has demonstrated that CIBENZA DP100 allows significant cost savings by improving the protein digestion (amino acid availability), without compromising animal performance. ” 
Dr Satyajit Jagtap has been appointed as regional technical services manager – West and Central India, based in Pune. Dr Nagpal said “his appointment will expand our regional support to get closer to our customers and grow our presence in the rapidly expanding Indian market.”
Dr Jagtap has a Masters in Animal Nutrition from Anand Veterinary College. Previously he has worked as a nutritionist for Godrej Agrovet Ltd and Goldmohur Food and Feeds Ltd, where he formulated feeds for poultry, cattle and aquaculture. Besides formulation, his relevant commercial experience includes nutrition, quality assurance, material management, production management and process improvement.
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