Novus supporting legacy project of US Poultry Science Association

19-07-2011 | |

The Poultry Science Association in the USA entered into a project to make articles in their journals from before the digital era, accessable online. Novus International is supporting this legacy project.

Novus International understands the value and significance of historical research. Novus also realizes it is important for future generations of scientists to have easy access to the data, observations and findings of those who preceded them. That’s why the company is supporting the Poultry Science Association Foundation legacy project.
The legacy project is designed to create an easily accessible digital record of the thousands of articles of Poultry Science Association journals published from 1908 through 1996.
The association’s current scientific journal, Poultry Science, was preceded by the International Association of Instructors and Investigators in Poultry Husbandry Proceedings (1908 through 1912) and the Journal of the American Association of Instructors and Investigators in Poultry Husbandry (1914 through 1921). The information and articles published in the pages of Poultry Science since 1996 are available online. But the massive archive of information published prior to 1996 – more than 105,000 pages in nearly 17,000 articles spread over 622 journal issues – currently exists only in hard-copy form.
“There is a massive body of science contained in these pages that is largely inaccessible because many of these volumes are buried in library stacks or – even worse – in off-campus repositories,” says Poultry Science Association Foundation President William Saylor. “The goal of the Legacy Project is to create an indexed digital record so that we don’t turn our backs on nine decades of data and classic papers that became the foundation of poultry science.”
Saylor says the price tag of the project is estimated at 60,000 USD. Novus International has committed to underwriting half this cost through dollar-for-dollar matching pledges in its challenge grant.

“We believe in the vision of the Legacy Project – to preserve the knowledge of those who came before us to be used by those who come after, says Dr. Scott Carter, Novus global poultry market manager. “So we’re delighted to support an effort that is going to make a wealth of information and research data readily available to current and future generations of poultry scientists.”

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