Nutreco to delist from stock exchange as of April 17

26-03-2015 | |
Nutreco to delist from stock exchange as of April 17

As from April 17, 2015, Dutch feed company Nutreco will delist itself from the Euronext stock exchange in Amsterdam. The feed business will continue under the umbrella of trade conglomerate SHV, a property owned by the Fentener Van Vlissingen family.

Last year, SHV announced it wanted to acquire the whole company (for €44.50 per share). In December, this plan was authorised by the European Commission.

SHV recently announced to have offered more than 96% of the shares had been offered. The latest offer from SHV is €45.25 per share, bringing the total purchase offer over €3 billion.

Nutreco is one of the largest producers of premixes and concentrates worldwide and competes in this market with Cargill subsidiary Provimi and the smaller Agrifirm daughter Nuscience among others. For a moment, also Cargill showed interest to acquire Nutreco, which pushed the offer from SHV to a higher bid.

In addition, the company also owns compound feed and meat businesses in Spain and Portugal. Nutreco announced an intended divestment in February 2014 of these businesses, but ended this divestment process later in 2014 because of the market conditions.

SHV is planning to keep the head office in the Netherlands, to maintain the brand and not to break down the company in to different assets.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor