Nutriad – new products to fight Salmonella

14-11-2012 | |
Nutriad – new products to fight Salmonella

Nutriad presents the latest of its products.

Mold-Nil Pro

The product is effective against a broad spectrum of moulds in grains. It keeps cereals palatable and of high nutritional value. And most important: it is less corrosive to machinery.

Apex 5

APEX 5 is a blend of botanical ingredients for poultry. It improves the gut function of animals. This will lead to better animal production, increased profit, better carcass characteristics and optimised digestion.

Salmonella attack plan

Worldwide Salmonella contamination is a growing problem. Producing Salmonella-free end products starts with the Salmonella Attack Plan of Nutriad. This plan comprises the products: Salmo-Nil, Adimix and Evacide.

  • Salmo-Nil controls Salmonella in ingredients and complete feeds.
  • Adimix 30 Coated supports gut health. It has a proven effect, due to a special precision delivery coating in preventing bacteria like Salmonella from reaching the bloodstream. 
  • Evacide is a drinking water acidifier specialised in attacking Salmonella bacteria.

** Nutriad, with its headquarters in Belgium, delivers additives for ruminants, pigs, poultry, pets and aqua globally.