NZ: Food poisoning causes draft of new poultry guidelines

16-01-2008 | |
NZ: Food poisoning causes draft of new poultry guidelines

In an effort to reduce cases of food poisoning, the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and the Poultry Industry Association have come up with new guidelines.

New Zealand has the highest rate of the bacteria, campylobacter in the world.

According to The Food Safety Authority, the new code of practice will apply to all poultry processors. The aim of the guidelines will be to cut the number of cases of campylobacter in half within the next five years.

Clearer guidelines not enough
Sharon Waggener, Senior programme manager of production says the guidelines that have been developed are much clearer than the current ones, and allow for penalties of suspension and even closure of poultry processors if there is a failure to comply.

However, Michael Baker, associate professor in public health at the Otago Medical School, says that the effort is not sufficient as the problem has reached epidemic proportions.

The Poultry Industry Association has reported that its work is helping reduce the number of cases of campylobacter. According to executive director of the Poultry Industry Association, Michael Brooks, its work has contributed to the consistent drop in figures for campylobacter since March 2007.

The new code of practice will be implemented on 1 March this year.

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