NZ Poultry Industry awards “Microbiologist of the Year”

14-09-2007 | |
NZ Poultry Industry awards “Microbiologist of the Year”

Jessica Roberts, the Tegel Christchurch Microbiology Laboratory Manager, has been awarded The “Oxoid Young Microbiologist of the Year”.

Oxoid is one of the largest suppliers of microbiological media in the world. The competition is held annually and this is the first year that the competition has been open to candidates outside the UK.
“The poultry industry has been fully focussed on reducing the rates of campylobacter on poultry meat and this award is an outstanding recognition of these efforts,” says New Zealand Poultry Industry Association executive director Michael Brooks.
Jessica received the prize for her work on Campylobacter in poultry processing and livestock operations in the South Island. “The award is a reflection of her and her teams work in this very important area. It is also international acknowledgement of the great effort that many people in the industry are making towards our goal of reducing the levels of Campylobacter on chicken,” says Brooks.
Photo: Oxoid